Which type of foam mattress is best for you?

foam mattress

1. Bonded Foam:

Bonded foam can also be called foam of foam. What this means is that bonded foam is made by crushing many types of foams and compressing them together with latex which holds the foam together. Bonded foam mattress is good for back pain as it is hard and does not let you sink inside the mattress. It only provides support to your back.

bonded foam mattress

The traditional method of making bonded foam involves re-using the foam of old mattresses that are picked up from the dump. This foam is crushed, and bonded foam is made. This raises many health concerns as the scrap might contain garbage like polythene, slippers, etc. that are crushed in the process and is bad for health. GODREJ ® on the other hand uses virgin(new) foam to make bonded foam which makes it better than the rest. This surely increases the price but keeps health first.

2. Memory Foam (Visco elastic foam):

Memory foam is a foam that has some retention capacity and hence it has been called memory foam. Memory foam is special as it rises slowly when pressure is released. This will give you the feeling of being hugged and comfort comes with the package. Some people question, “Are memory foam mattresses better than spring”, but there is no correct answer to that. It depends on the user. For example, if asked whether football is better or cricket is better, then there is no definite answer. Of course, I have my own opinion and I feel that memory foam is better than pocket sprung.

memory foam mattress

Also pillows made of memory foam are available in the market which give a very relaxing feeling to the one using the pillow as the pillow will take the shape of the sleeper’s head, thus relieving them of any discomfort. Memory foam mattress is good for elderly as it will provide support along with comfort.

The property of this foam is unlike any other and for this property to be showcased properly, this foam has to stay on the top of the mattress.

3. Polyurethane Foam (PU foam) :

polyurethane foam mattress

Urethane is an organic compound. When urethane is repeatedly connected, then it is known as Polyurethane. This is the most common foam. Depending on the density it can be hard (high density) or soft (low density). Mattresses that are made of PU foam are relatively cheap. The two variants are also known as HR (High resilience) foam and soft foam. PU foam can be found in car seats, chair seats, and many other similar places. Even the Sponge used in our kitchens is PU Foam.

4. Convoluted Foam (egg crate)

The shape of this foam is like an egg crate. The main purpose for this shape is to give an acupuncture-like feeling to the sleeper. This helps to release stress from any part of the body. Such a shape gives this foam priority and hence it is the top-most layer of the mattress.

convoluted foam mattress

But if this foam stays on top of the mattress and even memory foam is on top, then one would assume that no mattress would have both memory foam as well as convoluted foam. This assumption is true and consistent with the law of common sense 😁

The difference Between PU foam and memory foam:

Memory Foam Pu Foam
This is an expensive foam and even one inch of this foam can increase the price of your mattress very much. PU foam is a relatively cheaper foam and is very commonly available
Memory foam is only soft. This foam comes in two variants: one hard and one soft (depending on density)
Memory foam is a luxurious foam. PU foam is a normal foam
Memory foam remembers the shape of the person sleeping on it for some time and hence the name, “Memory Foam”. PU foam can’t remember the shape of the person sleeping on it.
Generally, Mattresses made entirely of memory foam are not available in the market Mattresses made entirely of PU foam are easily available in the market

What is the Difference Between Spring Mattress and Foam mattress:

Spring Mattress Foam Mattress
Spring Mattress is a Luxurious Mattress Foam Mattress is the most found mattress.
Spring Mattress contains some layers of foam Foam mattress does not contain springs.
The minimum width of this mattress is 6 inches (15 cm) The minimum width of this mattress is 3 inches (7.5 cm)
Usually the mattresses used in hotels are spring mattresses Foam mattresses are generally used by majority of the population in their homes
Spring mattress comes in two types: Pocket Spring and Bonnell Spring Different foams used in mattresses are memory foam, PU foam, convoluted foam, bonded foam, etc.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between foam and spring mattress?

Refer the table given above

What is the Difference Between Memory Foam and Normal Foam (The difference Between Memory Foam and PU foam)

PU foam is only known as normal foam. So, you can refer to the table given above.

Is a spring mattress better than foam?

A spring mattress has its own benefits while a foam mattress has its own. For people who look for luxury in their mattress, should go for Spring mattress while the others should go and purchase a foam mattress (Buy an orthopaedic one if you can)