Which kind of Mattress is best for your back?

The mattress industry is based on cheating and misconception. We guys have minimal knowledge about a mattress and the effects it has on our body. We simply enter a store in search of a mattress and are lucky if we get a decent one. The salesmen have little concerns as to what will be beneficial to us and are more inclined towards closing deals. For this they make wrong statements which they themselves believe to be wrong. So this article will tell you the things you should consider before purchasing a mattress for back pain :-

mattress should be hard

1. Mattress should be hard:

Studies have shown that sleeping on hard mattress good for back while sleeping on soft mattress bad for back. This happens because our spine needs support while sleeping. If we were to sink in our mattress(which happens because of a soft mattress) then our spine does not get proper support and hence we end up damaging our back.

sleeping on the floor

2. Sleeping on the floor:

After reading the previous point some would argue that a hard mattress equals sleeping on the ground. That is partially true. Sleeping on floor causes back pain is a myth because sleeping on the floor research says is beneficial too. Disadvantages of sleeping on floor include catching colds and headaches. So it is recommended to sleep on a mattress instead of the floor for the benefits while avoiding the drawbacks.

orthopaedic mattresses

3. Name of Mattress:

The mattress should be under the name of orthopaedic mattresses which as the name suggests, is good for bones. These types of mattresses are available with almost all mattress companies.

Foams used in Mattress

4. Foams used in Mattress:

Orthopaedic mattress is supposed to be a hard mattress. So among all other foams, bonded foam is a mostly a part of orthopaedic mattress. We often get asked foam mattress good for back pain and the answer is yes!!! Bonded foam is a foam that is made by compressing bits of foam together with latex and it makes the mattress hard for back support.

There are many companies that make cheap bonded foam mattresses so I did a little bit of digging and found that these companies crush the foam extracted from used mattresses and make bonded foam. Sometimes unwanted things like slippers, plastic wrappers,etc. find their way into these mattresses which is bad for health. Godrej ® however uses virgin(new) foam to make bonded foam as health comes first for them.

Warranty of mattress

5. Warranty Of Mattress:

What good is a mattress if it does not come with a full replacement warranty? Some people might think that I’m joking but I’m not, because Godrej ® actually provides no cost full replacement warranty. The Mattress guarantee period is no use(it doesn't really help) but we must look at the warranty period.

If we were to do other mattress warranty check then we might see that they claim warranty of 10 years or even more, but these warranties are a mere fraud as they charge their customers when the claim occurs. This shows that they have terms and conditions for warranty. Godrej ® on the other hand has no charge while claiming warranty. This makes the effective cost of godrej mattress half of the price charged. They replace the mattress from piece to piece and it's astonishing how few people know about this.

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